SEASON 1.0 - THE Play styles of entertainment

what's next

We hope that the examples, case studies, and mental models we’ve presented are not just inspiring and thought-provoking, but useful. We intended this to be a springboard for creative action and experimentation, both in entertainment marketing and beyond. The truth is, anyone who tells stories through content, from consumer brands to nonprofits, can benefit from the idea of Play Styles.

Looking forward, we see Season One as just the beginning of our story, and our investigation into not just Play Styles, but entertainment marketing as a whole. Every research project creates more questions than answers. How does media model (i.e., SVOD, Cinema, Broadcast) inform differences in the timing of successful storytelling extensions? What's the most ethical way to more broadly quantify audience Play Styles? What are alternative models to Play Styles? What is the next Fortnite craze and why? These are the types of questions we'll dig into in future briefings.

We invite anyone who enjoyed this first Season of AUX to tag along for our future investigations. Until then, there are several ways for you to continue exploring. First, follow our blog and newsletter (in the footer) for smaller updates and innovative ideas in entertainment. You can also learn more about Virtue PLAY via its website. Secondly, for those who want to dive even deeper into Play Styles and learn how to apply them in the workplace, check out our products and services. Finally, for consulting inquiries or just general ideas, questions, and feedback, you can get in touch directly.

table of contents
table of contents