play style 1: The SOCIALITE


This Play Style is all about people and their personal stories. Socialites gravitate toward others as a means to develop themselves. They are curious about who someone is and how they will behave mixed with other personalities or in varying circumstances. By socializing and forming relationships, fans of this Play Style go through a process of their own personal growth and self-discovery.

While there are a variety of ways that this Play Style comes to life, the most unifying theme is the connections between people. Roleplaying and storytelling are standard tools for the Socialite, as they bring people together through a shared narrative. Humor and comedy are prevalent within this Play Style, as well as drama, for the same reasons.

Feature Title: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Like all good sitcoms, Brooklyn Nine-Nine presents a diverse cast of characters that fans enjoy getting to know over time.

“I love the characters on the show, especially the way they interact with each other. My favorite is probably Captain Holt, then Jake and Amy after that, followed by Boyle, Gina, Rosa, Hitchcock and Scully.”

Shawn, 30, ND


Naturally, social media is the Socialite's wish come true, the answer to their hope for constant human interaction. This Play Style demonstrates the medium's real potential – connecting fans to discuss and share their passion. Through online content, Socialites can get closer to their favorite characters, relive memorable interactions, and share experiences that foster a sense of community.

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Shared Social Memories

Socialites enjoy interactions between characters in a story, but they enjoy experiencing them with friends and family even more. Fans will capture and share standout moments and relive them with peers through many formats: compilations, supercuts, storyboards, and more. Various online forums like Reddit and Facebook allow for in-depth conversation around this type of content.

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After Party Antics

When the entertainment stops, Socialites keep the party going. Fans of this Play Style are most likely to energize groups of people, and they often accomplish this through fun and games. Socialites will facilitate interactive group activities online and off, all within the theme of their favorite movie, video game, or TV show. The goal of these is always just shared fun, plain and simple.


Character Roleplaying

Socialites observe other people, fictional or not, to learn from and inform their own identity. Online, this plays out in a very public way. Fans find characters that speak to them and self-identify with them to their peers, through everything from graphics to cosplay. To better understand the world around them, Socialites will even categorize their friends and family based on their personality likeness to other characters.

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There are countless case studies for the Socialite Play Style, both online and off. The most successful are those best at connecting fans to a story's characters or connecting them with other fans for shared experiences. They provide a memorable interaction with another like-minded Socialite or a deepened understanding of another person.

Riverdale: Hyper-social Media Strategy

The hit show Riverdale is thriving thanks to its actors, and more specifically, their lively social presence. The cast extends its interactions with each other to a young Socialite audience, sharing pranks via Instagram Stories or even becoming "Instagram Official." All of these one-off interactions coalesce into a more holistic experience, where the lines between social dynamics on and off set blur. And the magic is that all of these interactions feel completely organic, which is precisely how CW wants it to feel.

Courtesy of camimendes

Despicable Me 3: 23andMe Partnership

In 2017, Despicable Me 3 launched a campaign that dove deep into its hero character, Gru, and took fans on a journey of connections. By partnering with DNA testing service 23andMe, fans could learn more about Gru and his familial origins through his Genetic Journey. This partnership was part of an even more extensive campaign, including a variety of fun Socialite activations, featuring everything from a karaoke YouTube challenge to branded Tic Tacs.

Courtesy of 23andMe and Universal Studios

A Way Out: Team Coco Live Stream

A Way Out is a unique cooperative adventure game for the PS4. Thanks to its dynamic split-screen feature, players can experience the story collaboratively and while in the same room. To demonstrate this promise to Socialites, EA had Conan O’Brien and the Clueless Gamer team live stream their playthrough of the game. The result is fun, engaging, and gives insight into what makes the game special (couch co-op) while using a format that itself is communal.

Courtesy of Team Coco and Hazelight Studios

Disjointed: Cannabis Pop-Up

Chuck Lorre's latest sitcom, Disjointed, features a diverse and entertaining cast of characters who manage a weed dispensary. To tap into the genre's Socialite audience, Netflix hosted a pop-up event at a local LA dispensary, remodeled to look exactly like the dispensary from the show. Fans could visit, hang out, and even purchase a variety of Netflix show-branded strains like ‘Banana Stand Kush,' inspired by Arrested Development and “VodKush,” inspired by Chelsea Handler.


Host live events where fans can meet and interact with their favorite characters and actors
Create content that provides backstory and more in-depth understanding of individual characters
Provide new ways to take on the identity of their favorite characters and express themselves
Design group-oriented experiences where fans can meet, interact and create shared memories
Put characters in new and unexpected scenarios that teach fans more about their unique personality
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