play style 3: The goalsetter


For the Goalsetter, the world is a place to be controlled for personal gain, but it's not always about power. The Goalsetter's primary motivation is security and insurance in a world of uncertainty. Goalsetters seek the validation of progress, status, and accomplishment, which can come in the form of titles, rankings, and points. The more assurance they have, the better.

The Goalsetter also benefits the people around them. Their work ethic and accomplishments inspire the rest of us. They can be great athletes, musical performers, and businessmen or women that motivate us to reach higher. Goalsetters can also improve society, by making public service their form of achievement.

Feature Title: The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour, a follow-up to Top Gear, is a show that appeals to gearheads through its automobile test drives and competitive, yet fun, challenges.

“I really enjoy when they have the different challenges and have built different things. One of my other favorite parts is when they have the Stig test out the new cars.”

Katharine, 32, VA


Digital platforms offer a natural extension for Goalsetter-oriented entertainment properties as they empower fans to associate with their heroes, or even imitate them. Fans are encouraged to seek out information that helps them in their accomplishments, whether they are directly related to the story presented or just inspired by it.

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Aspiration Setting

For Goalsetters, entertainment serves as a window into what's possible and what to strive for in their own lives. Those inspired by a character's accomplishments will attempt to mimic them. The first step is announcing an intention to the world. Goalsetters publish inspiring quotes and aspirational footage to communicate a desire for control over their destiny, and through this, they set the tone for their pursuit of accomplishment.

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Imitative Feats

When entertainment presents an impressive act, Goalsetters' first thoughts are to try it out for themselves. The most committed fans will follow through and complete their mission and, in the process, create something to prove it to the world. Whether the task is a real-life stunt or a digital recreation, the footage is shared online for the world to see. More casual audiences reward the Goalsetter with praise and may even follow in their footsteps.


Mental Mastery

Acquisition of knowledge is a respectable form of achievement, and entertainment generates all sorts of information to collect. Goalsetters with the most information about a specific subject are not only in a better position to progress, but their peers also recognize them as an authority. Fans of this Play Style turn online to seek more lore-based intel, often getting lost down a rabbit hole in hopes of expertise.

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Experiences designed for the Goalsetter effectively tap into fans’ desire to reach an end goal. They often pose a clear challenge or win-state, whether that’s collecting items, solving a puzzle, or attempting to obtain a high score. But something to achieve is not all it takes to engage Goalsetters – doing it within the theme of the story is what makes it all come together.

Pokémon Go: Instagram Briefings

There's no tagline more tailored for Goalsetters than Pokémon's: "Gotta Catch 'Em All!". With the mobile game Pokémon Go, fans go out into the real world looking to capture every Pokémon in existence. Niantic, the developer of the game, further fuels the completionist spirit by publishing mini briefings on the Pokémon Go Instagram profile. Here, fans are challenged to look for specific creatures, sometimes exclusive to a particular location and timeframe.

Courtesy of Niantic and Nintendo

Narcos Season 3: Cartel Simulator

For the launch of Narcos Season 3, Netflix let Goalsetters live out their drug lord fantasies with a game that put them in the shoes of the new coke kings: the Cali Cartel. An advanced Messenger bot challenged determined fans to build a successful narcotics business in a realistic drug market simulation. By presenting the experience in a low-fi format, the experience felt authentic to the era in which the show took place.

The Fate of the Furious: Forza 7 Car Pack

The makers of The Fate of the Furious are well aware of the film's core audience: automobile aficionados. It's a culture of Goalsetters who endlessly research, collect, and customize cars. So the studio partnered with popular racing simulator Forza to attract this audience, and together, the two household names created a limited edition car pack. The partnership gave fans more cars for their game’s collection and a way to experience driving rare vehicles.

Courtesy of Universal Studios

Murder On The Orient Express: The Escape Train

The film Murder On The Orient Express features a race against time as characters seek to identify a killer before he or she strikes again. The film’s high stakes scenario appeals to Goalsetters who are keen for a puzzle to solve. So, to welcome fans into the story, 20th Century Fox created an "escape room" experience... on a moving train. Those invited experienced the movie mystery first-hand over the course of a 13-hour train ride through Finland.

Courtesy of Fox


Create how-to’s and guides that allow fans to learn and accomplish things presented in the story
Publish content that elevates role models and the steps they took to achieve their success
Design gamified experiences such as scavenger hunts for fans to work together and unlock rewards
Acknowledge and celebrate fan creations that set the bar for the entire community to follow
Publish trivia that challenges fans to study up on their favorite entertainment and prove mental mastery
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